Welcome to Susan Ellis Art

Susan Ellis is a very versatile artist whose works reflect her preference for broad brush strokes and working with a palette knife. She works mainly in Acrylic and Acrylic-Charcoal combinations, as well as mixed media.

Her work captures and reflects energy and emotion, with portraits, figures and moving subjects being amongst her favourite themes. Her passion for travel, spending time in nature and spotting wildlife are also reflected in her works, which also reflect landscapes and wildlife.

Susan enjoys learning about different cultures through their people and traditions; she is therefore very much at home in South Africa, with its diverse cultures and peoples – all of whom contribute to the rich tapestry of life.

Susan’s paintings of the late Nelson Mandela are amongst her favourites as she feels that she has been able to capture his strong inner strength and something of his vision for South Africa and its people. This is something that she would like to perpetuate through her works as she warms the hearts and home of her clients, both local and abroad.