Welcome to my new website!


Welcome to my new website!

I am blessed to be able to earn a living by doing what I truly enjoy and being able to create works that not only reflect something of myself, but may also touch the lives of others. I have sold my works both locally and overseas and it is an extraordinary feeling to know that my artworks have found their way into homes across South Africa and in other countries and cultures.

This website provides me with another opportunity to share my passion in the hope that my artworks will encourage discussion and provide moments of joy to the families who come to own them.

While art is much of my life, I am also a wife, a sole mate, a mother and a friend – in this I am complete. I love to cook, to be outdoors, to engage with others and to capture people, their movement and the deep emotions that bring beauty to our world.

If you have acquired one of my artworks, seen one at a friend’s home or merely perused them on this website, I would welcome an e-mail from you to share with me your thoughts on my work.

Yours in art

Susan Ellis.